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Shonna Drew

“The Rapaport” Distressed T-shirt

“The Rapaport” Distressed T-shirt

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"The Rappaport” in honor of my friend and inspiration Michael Rappaport, who hasn’t stopped using his powerful voice since October 7th. 132 hostages who were violently taken are STILL being held in Gaza. We should all be raising our voices as loud as Rapaport does every single day until the hostages are home! “FREE THE FUCKIN HOSTAGES!” 


“The Rapaport" Distressed T-shirt 

  • 100% cotton
  • Vintage white/ buttercream
  • distressing on neck & bottom hem
  • relaxed fit
  • crewneck
  • slightly dropped shoulder
  • unfinished on sleeves
  • machine wash cold

    This soft style is a relaxed silhouette.  An off-white buttercream color, cut unfinished sleeves, slight distressing at the collar and hem gives this T-shirt a worn-in vintage feel.

    As the granddaughter of two Holocaust survivors, as a mother and as a human being I am devastated and heartbroken over the unimaginable terrorist attacks that have occurred in Israel. The lives of innocent people have been taken away in the most torturous and horrific ways. Praying for the return of ALL the hostages taken, praying for the safe return of our soldiers, and praying for humanity. 

    Proceeds from “The Rapaport” T-shirts will go to: BRING THEM HOME HOME NOW! HOSTAGES AND MISSING FAMILIES FORUM

    For more information, or to make a direct donation go to:

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